Why Yoga in Thailand?

Find your way to idyllic Thailand where sacred temples and tropical beaches set the foreground for your yoga training and retreats. Ranked one of the top locations in the world for yoga, spirituality and meditation holidays, you can find week long yoga retreats, 3 to 5 weeks yoga teacher training courses and wellness holiday packages suitable to your needs. Experienced yoga teachers gather from around the world throughout the year to host events on beautiful Thai beaches,creating a fantastic yoga community for yogis of all levels. Expect to meet like-minded people on your travels and the fond memories that’ll remain with you long after you leave.

An Exotic Paradise

Exotic paradise understates the true beauty of Thailand. Warm tropical weather pairs with the crystal blue ocean to set a perfect sanctuary for spiritual self-growth, yoga courses and relaxing getaways. Walk barefoot along the soft sandy beaches or ride an elephant through a waterfall, you can customise your holiday to what your heart desires.

Delicious Food

Home to the most exquisite cuisines, Thai food is not only healthy but down right delicious. Around the year, you’ll find an abundance of tropical fruits such as pineapples, papayas and dragon fruits. Explore your palette with signature dishes such as pad thai and papaya salad.

Sabai Sabai

Thai massage is known for its therapeutic healing value both body and mind. Famous for top quality and affordable prices, you can pamper yourself completely from head to toe with a nourishing spa after a day of yoga, surfing, shopping and sightseeing!

The Land of Smile

Land of smiles, the name reflects the gentle Buddhist nature prevalent here. You’ll discover many monasteries, temples and shrines. Inspire with awe by the elaborate structures and dedicated worshippers, there’s no better place to embark on your yoga journey than Thailand!

Tropical Climate

There are only two seasons in Thailand- dry and wet. Year around, the climate is sunny and warm with a breezy tropical wind. Rainy season starts from Oct to Jan but even then there is tons of sunshine and little overcast. Ditch the winter jacket, expect to wear beach clothing even in the rainy season, a light shawl is all that you need for the cooling evenings. So that’s right, pack that extra bottle of sun tan lotion as you’ll need it!

Getting to Thailand

Suvarnabhumi Airport (BKK) is the international airport located in Bangkok. Multiple major airlines from all over the world service this location with many flights every week. The national carrier in Thailand is Thai Airways which offers international flights to most major countries worldwide. There is a regional airport called Don Mueang Airport (DMK) and it also offers a variety of domestic flights and some international flights. As Thailand is designed for travellers, it’s very inexpensive to fly within Thailand or to nearby countries. Bangkok Air services every 15 minutes to the southern Islands.

Where In Thailand For Yoga?

From Chiang Mai to Koh Phangan, there are many places perfect for your yoga getaway. The north of Thailand offers a tranquil surrounding with Mountain View while the southern part of Thailand calls for the pristine beaches. Here are some of the best spots for your yoga adventure:

Koh Phangan

A jungle island located 40 minutes boat ride away from Koh Samui. Albeit famous for the full moon parties, don’t let its wild side blind you from the hidden gems Koh Phangan has for yoga and meditation. Haad Tien Bay is known for detoxing and yoga teacher trainings and retreats. There are many yoga schools and classes offered daily. You can access the bay by long tail boat. Come and meet like-minded people and expand your horizon with the startling view of Koh Phangan.

Koh Samui

Home to yoga schools, luxurious retreats and high-end hotels, Koh Samui is the biggest island on the southeastern coast of Thailand. Many yoga retreats here offer all in one packages where you can enjoy an all inclusive yoga holiday. Koh Samui attracts experienced yoga teachers from all over the world to host yoga teacher trainings, yoga and meditation retreats. It’s truly an island for yoga enthusiasts!

Chiang Mai

North to Bangkok, Chiang Mai is a quaint city with charming features. On the main strips you’ll find phenomenal sacred temples and Monasteries. In the morning, you’ll see many monks collecting alms. Chiang Mai is known for detox, yoga and meditation. It’s a hub for travellers and often they stay for longer they expected. You can reach Chiang Mai by plane or bus.